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The Kind Shepherd was founded in 2007 by Robert "Bob" Hislop. Since then, Bob has made it his life's goal to change our world for good through the helping hands of The Kind Shepherd. Knowing that the only way to change the world was through the hearts of its people. Bob has developed The Kind Shepherd to rapidly spread to the masses with its message of servant leadership and "helping others so that you too may be helped".

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we Planned to be ready for the Life that is to be." These words from the founder ring true for all facets of The Kind Shepherd's mission. By having a heart to change the world The Kind Shepherd's members are committed to helping children, animals, veterans, and many other worthy causes across the globe.

The young boy pictured here had many dreams, and in The Kind Shepherd one of those dreams is quickly becoming a reality. As a young man Bob Hislop always knew that God had a clear purpose for his life. And today he works tirelessly to mold and shape that dream into this organization. With sleepless nights, solid determination, and a whole lot of prayer, he has committed his life to bringing about true change & prosperity for this and all generations to follow.

And here is Bob today, still full of the same dreams as when he was a little boy. Do you still have dreams? Let's work together in The Kind Shepherd to make those dreams real, and to make this world a better place for every child, animal, veteran, and nation. And remember those dreams? Please do, because today's dreams have the potential to be tomorrow's greatest accomplishment! Just ask Bob.

A message from the founder coming soon...

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