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About The Kind Shepherd

The Kind Shepherd is an organization founded to help children, animals, veterans, and all those in need around the world. From the elephants in north Africa to the orphaned child in southeast Asia to the family in your own neighborhood fighting to keep a roof over their heads, The Kind Shepherd is here to help.

How, you ask? The answer is simple... You! By giving to The Kind Shepherd of your resources, time, and energy you can help to change our nation and the entire world through our valued Partners & Affiliates and through the direct actions of The Kind Shepherd to it's members & others. And in keeping with our platform of Health, Wealth, and Discounted Living, you truly can help one another so one may help you!

The next question is just what can you do, and what does that mean for you? Your giving to The Kind Shepherd is used to directly benefit our partner charities, our direct ministries and operations, and many future plans & projects.

The "Key to Success" for you and all of The Kind Shepherd is found in numbers. By amassing a great number of members we can multiply our effectiveness in helping others and your own personal rewards for your efforts & hard work.

The ideal situation in this organization is to recruit one new member each month, then those new people recruit new people, and etc. Up to 12 per year or more.

The Kind Shepherd has been organized to help children, animals, veterans, and other worthy causes. Actions without love is meaningless. The turn key to success opens the door to riches. Help one another so one may help you.

The Kind Shepherd is a Christian organization, but you do not have to be a Christian to join.
The Kind Shepherd welcomes members from all faiths and beliefs.

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