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The TRUTH will set you free

Our children are our future. There are few words ever spoken more true than those, and they are a foundational component of The Kind Shepherd's mission. The hopes, dreams, energies, and imagination of a child make up the very fabric of what it is to be human, and these qualities must be nurtured and allowed to grow.

By investing in The Kind Shepherd, you make your investment to their future, as well as your own, in the pursuit of lasting stability and care for precious children the world over.

One of God's other gifts to us on this planet are the beautiful animals that share our world and are in growing danger every day. With dwindling resources and available lands, hundreds of species across the globe walk the fine line of extinction and are in desperate need of our help.

The Kind Shepherd is dedicated to fostering reform in how we treat and exploit our naturals resources and protecting the lives & habitats of our animal friends. We need them in this world right here with us, so we shall in turn help them to survive.

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