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Our featured Travel partner:

You're going on vacation to relax.

So why get stressed searching through travel deals? Let Dunhill do the work for you! Our team of travel industry experts has over 100 years of experience – we know a good deal when we see it, and when we see it, we pass it along to you. It's that simple. When you sign up to receive our newsletter, you'll receive the latest top travel values, exclusive spotlight offers, and more. Plus, you'll find even more great values on our website, where you can browse by destination and vacation type to help you find the perfect deal quickly and easily.

Are you a seasoned world traveler? Or maybe your idea of a long trip is passing the county line. Either way, The Kind Shepherd has one of its goals to help take its members across the world, at prices impossible to beat and hard to believe!

In the quickly approaching future, The Kind Shepherd will begin working hand-in-hand with various travel agencies, transportation companies, and locations world wide to guarantee its members the highest quality travel experience.

What better way to see for yourself the effects of the good you do through The Kind Shepherd by traveling to the distant lands you support and walking in the footsteps of the people you have committed to serve. The Kind Shepherd exists for all people in all lands, and through this unique program we will assist you in taking you to the center of it all.

Take a moment and view some of the sample videos courtesy of a few of the fine companies The Kind Shepherd intends to make available to you when our travel program comes to full fruition. This is just another way The Kind Shepherd has chosen to reward its members by enriching their lives and the lives of those they meet in the four corners of the world.

If you are not yet a part of The Kind Shepherd and would like to know more about us and the many opportunities like these that we have for our members, please take a moment to contact us and find out just what we're all about. And if you feel you are ready to make a commitment and start the journey with us, head over to our How to Join page to get some important info and get started today. Together we can make a difference... you can do it!

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Download Video: MP4, WebM, Ogg
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